Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Helpful Hints and Information: Part 2- Common handling errors

Common Handling Errors.

1- Delaying repairs. 
Worsens the scopes conditions. 

2- Not properly following disinfectant manufacturer's instructions and immersing scope in disinfectant too long or at improper concentrations. 
This can cause corrosion and premature wear. 

3- Immersion in fluid with the vent cap on. 
The vent is the "door" to your scope, and if left on, it allows fluid invasion. 

4- Delaying initial cleaning. 
This contributes to corrosion and premature wear. 

5- Reprocessing with other instruments.

6- Transporting and gas sterilizing without the vent cap attached. 

7- Storing in carrying case or communal storage. 
Doing this compromises sterility and proper ventilation.
The Scopes should be completely dry before storing and should be
 kept in a dry, well-ventilated environment. 

8- Not verifying compatibility of light source to scope. 

9- Manually articulating scope. 
You should only use the lever control. 

10- Third party repairs. 

11- Stretching/folding of sheathing or cover. 


Proper maintenance and handling of your endoscopes will
 increase the life of the unit, lower repair or replacement costs,
 and reduce the possibility of cross-contamination. (to patients and other instruments.)

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