Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Product Highlight- ATT-Series Air Leakage Testers

Have you heard about our 
Air Leakage Testers? 

Leak testing is the simplest way to help prevent serious and expensive damage to your flexible endoscope. While many manufacturers sell leakage testers, ESS sells the ATT-Series Airtight Leakage Tester with connectors to fit virtually all makes and models of endoscopes!

It is a simple device that uses air pressure to pressurize your endoscope to see if there is a leak somewhere in your endoscope. It comes with a "bulb" to pump air into the endoscope and a dial to measure the air pressure. 

These testers are available for: 



Plus Richard Wolf, Karl Storz, OPTIM, & Fujinon 7.

Once you get your Leakage Tester, the best thing to do is to get in the habit of testing your scope(s) frequently. They should be tested before and after each procedure to ensure the scope is maintaining it's water-tight seal. 

You can keep your Airtight Testers within easy reach with a rack designed specifically for the ATT-Series testers. This rack is molded in a durable white plastic and can be mounted to a wall or your endoscopy cart for quick testing of your endoscope before or after a procedure.  

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 your scope by reading this previous post!

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