Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Colonoscopy screening: What's stopping you?

March is Colorectal Cancer 
Awareness Month.
Help us spread the word on how a
 simple procedure can save lives!

Colonoscopy Screening: What's Stopping You?

"One in 18 Americans will be diagnosed with colon cancer this year. But a simple colonoscopy screening makes it possible to detect the cancer when it is in its most curable stages.

So why aren't more people having it done? Jean Ashburn, M.D., or Cleveland Clinic believes that many people are afraid of the preparation that takes place the day before a colonoscopy procedure.

"The hardest part is drinking the prep that cleans the colon out and this has gotten better and better," Dr. Ashburn said. "This is not your grandmother's colonoscopy. We have better preparations that are tastier and less volume."

A colonoscopy is usually a two-day process. On day one, patients eat a clear liquid diet followed by a preparation drink to clear the colon. 

Dr. Asburn says it's necessary to have the colon clean and clear so doctors can see the intestinal lining well enough to be able to detect small cancers and small polyps. 

On day two, doctors will administer either general anesthesia or "twilight," (where the patient is sedated, but not unconscious,) while a scope is used to view the inside of the large intestine. 

The entire procedure takes just a couple of hours out of the day, but the result can be life-saving. Dr. Ashburn said the colonoscopy is one of the only screening tests where doctors can detect cancer and also remove pre-cancerous polyps at the same time. 

She says the key is to relax and not stress about the test. 

"Just relax and be happy that we have this tool to keep us healthy," Dr. Asburn says. "We can prevent these cancers from happening instead of waiting for them to come and then having to deal with them."'

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