Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Product Highlight-Anprolene Gas Sterilization for Veterinarians

The Next Generation
 Gas Sterilization for Veterinarians

We've teamed up with Anderson Products to bring our customers the most affordable and versatile
 low temperature sterilizer available! 

The Anprolene system has always offered the most gentle 100% EtO sterilization cycle on the market: room temperature sterilization, no steam injection, no deep vacuum, and only 17.5 grams of gas. 

Anprolene now features a 
number of important improvements:
 -More powerful ventilation and purge pumps
 -Unique active aeration system 
-Digital display tracks cycle progress 
-Temperature sensor monitors room 
conditions during each cycle
 -Microprocessor monitors cycle and 
automatically restores system in case of power failure. 

Protect Your Instruments
Your instruments are steadily damaged by the effects of heat, moisture, and the corrosive nature of chemical disinfectants. Anprolene offers the most gentle sterilization cycle on the market. Anprolene users sterilize scopes, drills, saws, cameras*, and electronics without damage.
 (*always remove batteries prior to sterilization)

A sterilization method so gentle that an avian researcher uses Anprolene to sterilize bird feathers!

 Your instruments will thank you!

Protect Your Patients
Zoonotic infections are on the rise, and endanger not just your animal patients, but their human owners as well. The FDA is now recommending that some types of endoscopes be gas sterilized after evidence that organisms may survive the disinfection process. The active ingredient in Anprolene is ethylene oxide, which is used to sterilize almost 60% of all new medical devices. Your patients may not know the dangers of zoonotic infections and by sterilizing with Anprolene you can reduce the risk that they ever will. 

Protect Your Practice
Anprolene saves you money. Your instruments will last longer when you sterilize with Anprolene. In addition, many Anprolene users save money by reprocessing items that would otherwise be thrown away. Gloves, wraps, gowns, drapes, tubing, and more can be purchased in bulk and sterilized with Anprolene.

Thousands of veterinarians depend upon their Anprolene systems for reliable low-temperature sterilization. Anprolene Sterilizers are cost-effective, easy to install, and offer free operator training for the lifetime of the unit. 

Anderson Sterilizers are 100% US made. Proudly designed and manufactured at their headquarters in Haw River, NC. 

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