Sunday, April 17, 2016

In Sickness and in Health, I'll Be There

"When purchasing a new puppy, you are ultimately making a vow that you will take care of and be there for your dog no matter what. Looking at the innocent and totally adorable little bundle of fur you just brought into you life, you envision the fun you will have with this creature over the next 10 to 15 years, and completely forget about your vow, "in sickness and in health."

Recently, my dog, Emma, a 10 year-old Yorkie, was diagnosed with pancreatitis, which is inflammation of the pancreas. They say it's common in little dogs. She struggled for a week or so with severe stomach pains causing her to vomit, pace around the house for hours on end, and refuse any form of food. After taking her to the vet and receiving the diagnosis, we had to alter Emma's eating habits completely. That is, no more table food, and now she strictly eats prescription dog food and occasionally plain boiled chicken breast as a "treat."

Consider yourself in the situation: you have the ability to eat mainly whatever you'd like for your whole life and suddenly one day you have no food options. Thankfully, she has adjusted incredibly well to this change, and is surprisingly more joyful and active than before her sickness. 

After Emma was diagnosed with her condition, I realized how much I took her existence for granted. It made me think of what life would be like without her. Every day since, I have treasured the time I spend with her so much. In fact, the ailment has somewhat worked to her advantage, meaning she gets a lot more car rides and walks - her two favorite things on Earth. 

Many people, mainly those who have never had a dog, don't understand the relationship between dogs and their owners. Once you become an official dog owner, and "parent" of a dog, life without this creature seems unimaginable. They wriggle their way into the deepest part of your heart, remaining there forever. 

When inviting a new furry member into the family, it's important to consider the crucial vow "in sickness and in health" because one day your pet may get sick and need extra tender loving care. 

Treat every day with your darling little one as a blessing and love them unconditionally, the same way they love you."

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