Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Product Highlight- MobileOptx iPhone Endoscopy Lens Adapter

Have you heard about our 
MobileOptx iPhone
 Endoscopy Lens Adapter? 

The MobileOptx adapts your iPhone 5/5S or 6/6S to
 your fiber-optic or rigid endoscope!

"The MobileOptx adapter provides a simple, robust and ergonomic way to use your smartphone to capture and transmit high quality endoscopic stills and video."

This adapter comes with a protective, plastic hard case for your iPhone.
(The MobileOptx case replaces your phones existing protective case)

A spring-loaded, quick-connecting lens clips into the hard case which perfectly aligns your iPhone's camera lens with your endoscope without any hassle!

- Easy and quick assembly
-Fits most endoscopes
-Provides HD stills and video through your
 iPhone's camera apps
-Extra magnification for enhanced images
-No need for heavy or bulky equipment
-Designed, tested, and assembled in the USA.

Also comes with a FREE app!

How it works: 

"MobileOptx is the developer, manufacturer, and supplier of products for linking currently used medical devices to smartphone technology, principally sold through global distribution contracts. MobileOptx is a commercial stage development company. Since most physicians carry smartphones, adapting a device to capture images, both pictures and video, for later review by supervisors, patients, or for the medical record is a natural and cost effective extension of what has become an indispensable tool of everyday life. Creating a permanent visual record by bringing the smartphone into routine medical practice eliminates the need for repeat endoscopy, improving safety, accuracy and reducing costs. MobileOptx first product was the idea of Otolaryngology Surgeons from University of Pennsylvania, and Dr. Jason Brant a Fellow in the Department of Otolaryngology at the University of Pennsylvania and incubated through the UPStart Program." 

Want to learn more about the 
MobileOptx iPhone Adapter? 
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