Friday, June 24, 2016

Fuzzy Friday -- Man Went To Inspect An Empty House — And Found The Grumpiest Cat

By Caitlin Jill Anders
The Dodo

"A man working in real estate in Florida arrived at an empty house to do an inspection - and met someone VERY unexpected.

This grumpy little homeless cat was on the property when the man arrived, and he just couldn't resist that face.

The poor cat was on his own without food or water, and so the man decided to keep him company for awhile - whether the grumpy cat like it or not.

Being a good guy, the man offered the cat some of his mango, thinking he might be hungry...

...but the grumpy cat was NOT into it..., AT ALL.

After a while though, he did warm up to his new friend, and began to follow him around...

...and very reluctantly accepted some cuddles and love.

At one point the man tried to pick the cat up...

...but obviously, the grumpy cat wasn't really into it.

So instead the man got down on the ground with the cat...

...and kept him company down there.

At the end of the inspection, the man and his coworker knew they couldn't leave the little guy there all alone - and so his coworker took him home. Now, this grumpy homeless cat is no longer homeless, and gets a warm forever home with everything he could ever want.

And hopefully, no more mango."

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