Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Product Highlight - The Ratigator Combo Grasper

Have you heard about our
Ratigator Combo Grasper?

For those of you who cannot decide on an alligator jaw or rat tooth grasper, here's the perfect instrument for you!

The Ratigator - a combination rat tooth and alligator jaw grasper that give you the best of both worlds: the flat, gripping power of an alligator jaw and the precision 'pinch-hook' ability of the rat tooth.

The Ratigator is reusable, repairable, autoclavable, and features an ergonomic plunger-style plastic handle.

These instruments are constructed of surgical stainless steel for years of use. The 8 mm or 15 mm wide jaw opening can grasp most tissue and foreign objects in a body cavity.

Removal of a tube of lotion from the stomach of a dog using the Ratigator.

The instrument is available in 1.8 mm and 2.4 mm outer diameters to accommodate most endoscope biopsy channels and has an ergonomically-designed, thumb-activated handle for ease of use during procedures.

The Ratigator can easily be sterilized via soaking, autoclave or ETO gas methods.

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