Monday, October 3, 2016

Need something repaired?

Need to send something in to be repaired?

With E.S.S. repairs, there is no need to make any arrangements or get a "special code" to send your instrument to us.
 Just follow our simple and easy method!

1. Send us your broken instrument!

-Fill out our Speed-Up Repair form.
 (Which can be found on our

-Carefully box up your scope or equipment.
*For flexible scopes: place the instrument in the padded case it originally came with, then tape the two halves closed with packing tape to prevent the case from opening during transit.
*For rigid scopes or other instruments that don't have a padded case, carefully wrap the instrument in bubble-wrap so that it's cushioned from any shock.
*Place the protected instrument in a well-padded shipping box (NOTE: It should have a minimum of two inches of space between your instrument and all sides of the box, then the space should be filled with packaging material for cushioning)

-Ship your instrument via FedEx or UPS to:
ESS, Inc.
ATTN: Service Dept.
3 Fallsview Lane
Brewster, NY 10509.

2. Inspection!

When we receive your instrument we will:
-Fax you an itemized list of repairs 
-Provide you with the repair turnaround time
-Advise you on the best course of action to take with your instrument.

3. Ship it back!

After inspecting and repairing your instrument, we will send your instrument back to you via FedEx.

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