Thursday, October 13, 2016

Zoo Orangutan Is So Baffled By Magician's Card Trick.

By Stephen Messenger
The Dodo

"Raj the orangutan may not have the life that nature intended him, but at least he still hasn't lost his sense of wonder.

Magician Matt G recently dropped by the Great Ape's enclosure at the UK's Colchester Zoo to break the monotony of Raj's day-to-day life in captivity. In a video captured of the visit, Mike G is shown performing a rather mind-boggling trick for his audience of one: passing a playing card to Raj, inexplicably, through the solid glass wall keeping them apart.

Clearly baffled by the trick, Raj then tries to replicate it - giving the card a few taps with is makeshift magic wand.

We, like Raj, have no idea how this trick was performed - but we're glad to know he got to keep his souvenir.

Matt G Mentalist Facebook: "Think he liked his little gift"

For some folks, it might be difficult to find common ground with orangutans, and other animals fated to a life in captivity. In this moment of magic, however, it's more obvious than ever that we're not so different after all.

Indeed, if you think to wonder is a human quality, then count Raj as one of your kin."

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