Friday, May 13, 2016

Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday to our CVC East booth from last year!

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

CVC Virginia Beach!

It's time for the CVC Virginia Beach Conference!

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National Nurses Day!

Happy National Nurses Day!

Do you know why they chose May 12th to celebrate nurses?
It is the birthday of Florence Nightingale!

"There is an old adage that you need a doctor to diagnose you, but a nurse to save your life. This is because nurses are at the bedside with the patient 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is the nurse who will take your hand and guide you on your hospital journey, taking time to educate and comfort you along the way. It is the nurse who will worry about your lab values, medications, and assessment findings so that you can focus on healing. It is the nurse who will advocate for you, be it to your doctor, family, or even sometimes yourself. It is the nurse who will take the time to evaluate how you are doing as a person, not just how your body is handling its illness. It is the nurse who finds your coping and overall well-being to be just as important as your medical diagnosis. After all, we do this job because we care."

-From the Huffington Post article
What Do Nurses Do ?

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Product Highlight- Veterinary Video Endoscopy System

Have you heard about our
Veterinary Video Endoscopy System?

The E.S.S. Veterinary Video Endoscopy System includes our "All-In-One" HVP-2100/2100L Combination video processor, light source with air, and LCD monitor in a compact and portable unit.

This system is:
-Easy to use - With a simple "plug-&-play"
 connection that makes set-up a breeze!
-Versatile - It is designed with a standard Olympus style connector for light guide and air. There is an available camera head to attach for rigid and flexible fiberoptic endoscopes.
-Compact & Portable - This combines all you need for your video endoscopy in one unit: video processor, light source, air pump, and LCD color.

You can use this system with:
-VET-H150 Small Animal G.I. Video Endoscope
-VET-H105 Equine Upper Airway Video Endoscope
-VET-H330 3-Meter Equine G.I. Video Endoscope
-Virtually ALL Olympus flexible fiberoptic endoscopes
-ALL Rigid Endoscopes (with separate purchase of our Universal Light Guide and VET-H1CCD Camera Head)

The HVP-2100/2100L also features a built-in image and video capture!

Now you can capture image stills and video sequences right from the HVP-2100/2100L to any brand standard SD card.

And don't forget about storage with the Padded Transport Case for the HVP-2100/2100L All-In-One!

A hard case with retractable handle and built-in wheels to store, protect and easily transport your HVP-2100/2100L and accessories to wherever you have to go!

It features:
-Durable wooden case with steel edges, corner protectors, case handles and latches.
-Foam padding to help protect equipment from breaking or physical shock damage.
-Holds one (1) HVP-2100/2100L unit, water bottle, optional camera head, cables and accessories (endoscopes should be stored separately and transported in their own case).
-Built-in fixed wheels and retractable handle with push-button release for easy transport.

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