Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Product Highlight! NEW PRODUCT - Steeple Jumbo 4-Wire Basket

The Steeple Jumbo 4-Wire Basket!

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This instrument is perfect for retrieving large objects that require a basket. 

Made of surgical stainless steel wires, The Steeple will wrap around rocks, golf balls, and other similar items with ease!

The Steeple opens to 45mm width x 135mm height with a 2.3mm X 240cm Nylon insertion catheter for smooth channel operation. This instrument also includes a thumb-actuated handle for deployment.

Want to learn more about The Steeple?

Head over to our online store or
 contact us for more information!

**The Steeple is for Veterinary use ONLY**
**Cold sterilization/soaking methods ONLY**

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