Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Veterinary ClearSCOPE Otoscope Smartphone Set

Endoscopy Support Services 
ClearSCOPE Otoscope Smartphone Set.

Our ClearSCOPE Smartphone Adapter with one 
of our best veterinary otoscopes along with our 
portable LED Light Source!

This Kit Includes:
-ClearSCOPE Adapter Smartphone Lens System
-ESS V0-VB090 Veterinary Otoscope Set
-ESS MLS1 Mini Light Source for 
Rigid Endoscopes

Features and Benefits to the ClearSCOPE
 Smartphone Adapter:
-Metal & Plastic construction.
(making it much more durable than previous models)
-Focusing Lens & Coupler clips on to the adapter, 
like your endoscope eye-cup.
-Improved mounts hold your Smartphone to the adapter.
-Improved couplers hold the Adapter securely to your eyepiece with little to no rotation movement.

To find out more about this kit, 
contact us or check it out at our online store!

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