Monday, January 25, 2016

Helpful Hints and Information: Part 1-Helpful Hints and Most Common Damage.

Helpful Hints

1- Always wear gloves when handling/reprocessing scopes.

2- Leak test after every procedure. This is the single most important preventative measure in avoiding fluid invasion, which causes 8-% of all image problems and costly repairs.
You can refer here to our previous post about the importance of Leak Testing.

3- Rinse off solutions well. Solution build-up can cause external damage. 

Most Common Damage

1- Angle Section:
 Pinholes, cuts, tears.

2- Insertion Tube:
Pinches & stretching. 

3- Fluid Invasion:
Internal corrosion as well as breakdown
of epoxies and sealants.

If you find you have any damage to your 
equipment, don't hesitate to 
contact the ESS Service Department!

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