Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Product Highlight-'The Ratigator' Combo Retriever

Have you heard about 
The Ratigator? 

This special, reusable grasper combines both the rat tooth and alligator jaw grasping jaws creating a product that is the best of both worlds: the flat, gripping power of an alligator jaw and the precision 'pinch-hook' ability of the rat tooth!

The Ratigator is reusable, repairable, autoclavable, and features an ergonomic plunger-style plastic handle. 

It comes in two different sizes:
1.8mm x 190cm, 8mm Jaw Opening
2.4mm x 230cm, 15mm Jaw Opening

Want to see The Ratigator in action? 
Check out these previous posts!

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