Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Product Highlight- Universal Light Guide Cable

Have you heard about our 
Universal Light Guide Cable? 

This light guide is manufactured using the highest quality optical fibers to produce superb illumination. Maximum flexibility and weight reduction has been obtained by using a durable silicone outer sheathing.

Interchangeable stainless steel adapters are available to fit most manufacturer's light source and instrument end fittings, providing multiple combinations and applications. 

This product is autoclavable and comes with a one (1) year limited warranty.  

Don't know how to tell if you need to replace
 your Light Guide Cable? 

Want to learn more about our
 Universal Light Guide Cable?

Check out our online store or contact us!

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ESS Product Highlight!

Please note:
These adapters are designed to work with the ESS U5.0U225 Universal Light Guide exclusively. If you are intending to use these adapters with another brand of light guide, there is a strong chance it will not work!

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