Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Product Highlight-PLS High-Intensity Portable Light Source

Have you heard about our 
High-Intensity Portable Light Source?

The PLS is battery-powered with a 
Li-Ion rechargeable battery. 

The high-intensity light in this small package is thanks to the
LED Light Engine Technology. 

It is available in models for 

Rigid Scopes


Flexible Scopes

The package comes with
-One (1) PLS Light Source 
(w/ Flexible or Rigid Connector)

-Two (2) NP700 rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries

-One (1) Battery charging station

-One (1) user manual 

- One (1) power transformer for battery charging station with optional connectors/plugs: US Standard or European
(note: Comes with US standard unless otherwise indicated with drop-down choices)

-One (1) year limited warranty

Want to know more about this light source?
Check out our online store or contact us!

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Product Highlight!

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