Friday, April 15, 2016

ClearSCOPE and Endoscopy Support Services!

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on the new ClearSCOPE Smartphone Adapter!

Endoscopy video provides a valuable tool for patient care, teaching residents, and consulting with other veterinarians and physicians. But traditional recording equipment is expensive, and not always accessible. The ClearSCOPE Smartphone Adapter uses your mobile phone's HD camera, effectively converting it into a portable video tower that fits in the palm of your hand!

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

ClearSCOPE and Endoscopy Support Services!

Tomorrow is the last day to get this amazing offer!

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on the new ClearSCOPE Smartphone Adapter!

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ClearSCOPE Smartphone Adapter? 

Check out our Product Highlight for more information!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Product Highlight- Reusable Graspers & Retrievers

Have you heard about our
Reusable Graspers & Retrievers? 

Exceptional quality and value. Precision machined stainless moving parts & jaws. Our graspers and retrievers will give you optimum performance and reliability procedure after procedure. 

Maximum comfort has been obtained through the incorporation of an ergonomically designed handle. 

We offer: 

Basket Retrievers

Alligator Jaw

Rat Tooth

Three Prong

Forked Jaw


All of our graspers and retrievers are fully repairable and can be sterilized via autoclave, ETO gas or soaking methods. 

When ordering, please get your
 grasper or retriever at least
Fifty (50) Centimeters LONGER
than the working length of your endoscope to ensure comfort and usability during procedures. 

Don't forget about storage!

This wall mounted flexible forceps rack provides secure storage for up to six (6) forceps. It is easily cleaned with soap and water. Comes molded in solid white plastic with dry-wall mounting hardware and installation instructions. 
Learn more about the rack here!

To learn more about our 
Reusable Graspers & Retrievers, 
check out our online store or contact us!

Monday, April 11, 2016

National Pet Day!

It's National Pet Day!

This is the perfect day to celebrate the furry friends of our team here at Endoscopy Support Services!

Jimmy's dog Bailey

Anthony with Ricky

Maria's dogs Francesca and Rocky

Maria's guinea pigs Rosie and Daisy

Rich's pet horse that keeps him company in his office

Tim's cats Milkshakes and Shocker

Tim's dogs Becky and Finn

Tell us about your furry friends!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

National Golfer's Day!

It's National Golfer's Day!

We know our resident golfers,
Anthony and Rich,
will be celebrating today!

Anthony from our Shipping Department

Sales Manager Rich.