Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Product Highlight - The Ratigator

Have you heard about our 
Ratigator Combo Grasper?

Can't decide between an 
Alligator Jaw or Rat Tooth grasper?
We've got the perfect instrument for you!

The Ratigator is a combination
 Rat Tooth and Alligator Jaw grasper
 that gives you the best of both worlds!

This instrument features the flat, gripping power of an Alligator Jaw and the precision 'pinch-hook' ability of the Rat Tooth.

The Ratigator is a reusable, repairable, and autoclavable.

It features an ergonomically-designed, thumb-activated, plunger-style handle for ease of use during procedures.

 The Ratigator is available in 1.8 mm and 2.4 mm outer diameters to accommodate most endoscope biopsy channels and the 8 mm or 15 mm wide jaw opening can grasp most tissue and foreign objects in a body cavity.

These instruments are constructed of surgical stainless steel for years of use.

The Ratigator can easily be sterilized using soaking, autoclave, or ETO gas methods.

Want to see the Ratigator in action?

Check out this video of the Ratigator removing a tube of lotion from a canine patient.

Want to learn more about the Ratigator?

Visit our online store or contact us!

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