Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Product Highlight- ClearScope Smartphone Adapter

Have you heard about our
ClearScope Smartphone
Endoscopy Adapter?

"ClearScope is an endoscope video solution that connects any standard endoscope to the smartphone you already own. This innovative mobile medical technology creates a truly portable and cost effective alternative to the traditional video tower.

ClearScope makes it easy for medical professionals to securely capture, manage, and share HD quality video of endoscopic procedures.

No one can argue that access to video provides a valuable tool for diagnosing patients, teaching residents, and remotely consulting with other physicians. But traditional video capture equipment is expensive, not easy accessible, and can quickly become out-dated. While mobile technology offers a portable, and cost-effective alternative for endoscopy video capture, security of health information is a major concern. Until now."

The ClearScope Smartphone Endoscope Adapter is the only universal platform on the market that:

  • Is FDA, Health Canada and EU listed.
  • Can be used with virtually any smartphone, including the iPhone 6 Plus and Android Galaxy Note.
  • Connects to any standard Flexible or Rigid Endoscope.
  • Has full HD recording of endoscopy video.
  • Has an 8x optical magnification.
  • Set up in seconds and is easy to use.
  • Can share HD images via e-mail or SMS.
  • Stream to a laptop or TV monitor.
  • Integrates with the MODICA mobile camera app plus cloud storage service for secure image capture, management, and sharing.

The ClearScope features:

  • A cost effective, portable alternative to traditional video towers, which makes it possible to record ALL endoscopy procedures preformed.
  • It's small enough to carry in a lab coat pocket.
  • Easily consult and collaborate with colleagues by sending images for review by e-mail or SMS.
  • Use as a visual teaching aid by sharing videos with residents.
  • Image quality rivals those recorded on a video tower, and continues to improve with each new release of the owners smartphone.

Use your ClearScope Smartphone Adapter with the companion MODICA app and cloud backup for secure image capture, management, and sharing. The MODICA app is the first mobile medical photography solution.

MODICA is an intuitive, user-friendly iOS medical camera app that helps facilitate the secure and compliant capture, management, and sharing of clinical images.

The MODICA app features:

  • Encryption and password protection that locks images into a separate camera roll to ensure medical photos and videos NEVER mix with personal ones.
  • To ensure the best possible image quality, the app includes enhanced medical camera settings like:
    • Brightness and flash control
    • Zoom
    • Focus
    • White balance
  • Automatically offloads images from the mobile device to a HIPAA compliant cloud service, freeing up valuable data storage from the smartphone and reducing the risk of a lost or stolen smartphone.
  • The ability to text or e-mail images to colleagues, residents, and even patients for teaching and consulting purposes.

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